Samsung, LG LCD splicing wall, LCD monitor, LCD advertising machine, touch all-in-one machine, from production, research and development, sales, installation, construction and service of first-class equipment.
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  Hundreds of generations of family-owned business screens, LCD screens, wireless screens, LCD screens, large-scale commercial screens, audio equipment, intelligent control equipment R&D, production, hardware, etc. are a high-tech enterprise with integrated equipment. A hundred generations of "creative new technology frontier" enterprise positioning, persistent high-purity, intelligent, industrialization, standardization, integrated development direction, the company owns internal independent research and development capabilities. Industrial-grade commercial display equipment such as Samsung/LG for company products, product division LCD connection system, large-scale commercial audio system, audio system, intelligent control system, etc. R&D and production of commercial audio display system Obedience. 

  Hundred-generation industrial products application area, suitable for Ping'an City, Wisdom City, Ping'an School Park, intelligent traffic, large-scale conferences, squares, shops, stage performances, defense control center, financial management control center, power production control control center, military control center, urban city Emergency Management Instruction Center, Broadcast Television Show, Government Enterprise Multimedia Video Conference Listing System, Industrial Safety Production Control System, City Environment Control System, Fire Fighting, Meteorology, Maritime Prevention Control System, Airport Train Aviation Team List, Control System, Safety Theater, TV, media advertising, exhibition display system, product label store image display system, concert hall, etc.

  Sustained rapid development to become a 100-year-old "China AAA-grade credible enterprise", the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, OHSAS18001 professional health and safety management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, all products have passed the China Quality Assurance Center certification, passed. CCC Product Certification, Obtained China Wisdom City, Ping'an School Recommendation. For better service, service market, and quality evaluation and testing of owned products, the company's product performance reference is superior due to national standards, so as to provide higher quality products for use.

    Since 1000 years, the core tenets of the enterprise have been "acceptance, mutual assistance, customer service, innovative development". Behavioral regulation, holding and giving customers "sharing, sharing, harmonious development" collaboration original.

  Hundreds of generations of powerful high-quality industrial R&D, manufacturing, technology, engineering, products, design team, independent and perfect construction team, high-end international management operation mode, all-round, integrated business service, we are in business A reputation, a creator's workmanship, a successful and perfect corporate image. Since then, the company has come up with the most professional solution, which is combined with a wide range of new and old use, and strives to create the best visual world for use.