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46 inch wall-mounted advertising machine

TIME:2018-8-2 12:08:14
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Types of advertising machines


        Stand-alone advertising machine:

        The content to be played is downloaded to the internal storage hard disk of the advertising machine, and the playback content can be controlled by the remote control. At present, most of the application places use stand-alone advertising machines. Easy to use and easy to install.

        Online advertising machine:

         The administrator can transmit videos, pictures, scrolling subtitles, weather forecasts, current affairs news and other media to the display terminal platform (advertising machine) through the network platform to support streaming media playback. (A networked information publishing system is required to operate the playback content)

The style of the advertising machine


        Advertisement is a platform to publicize corporate brand and product features and create a good image. Nowadays, there are many ways to promote advertisements. As a high-quality publicity method that can adapt to the release of various multimedia information, the advertising machine has come to the public. In order to achieve a better publicity effect, the unconventional shape, structure and style of the advertising machine have become another key to attracting attention.

        The main styles of advertising machines on the market are as follows:

        Wall-mounted: The advertising machine is fixed with a metal bracket and the load-bearing wall. The installation method is mostly horizontal or vertical. The display body is kept parallel to the wall. The installation height is 1m-1.5m. . The shell can be made into rounded corners or right angles according to requirements.

  Floor-standing (vertical): The shell of the advertising machine includes a base, which can be placed in any place for on-site demonstration without connecting parts. The overall height is generally around 2m according to the size of the screen. The shell can be made into rounded corners or right angles according to requirements.

  Floor type (horizontal type): Different from the vertical type, although it belongs to the floor type and includes a base, because the horizontal type is a style based on human-computer interaction, its

 shape is more convenient for people to operate. The shell can be made into rounded corners or right angles according to requirements.

  Multi-screen split type: Different from the previous three types of single-screen display, this type is a device that needs to be individually customized by combining multiple display devices to simultaneously display multiple signals and different screens.

Advantages of advertising machine

       As a brand-new multimedia publicity tool, the advertising machine can be summarized as the following points:

       1) It can provide a better display effect and make the advertisement break away from the static picture such as the traditional light box curtain;


       2) It is convenient to control and manage, update and release advertising information;

       3) Reduce maintenance costs and improve personnel work efficiency;

Application place of advertising machine

       As a brand-new information transmission and advertising media, the advertising machine is mainly used to replace the traditional light box advertisement, and has been widely used in high-end office buildings, hotels, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, stock exchanges, chain stores, leisure place etc.