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mixing matrix

TIME:2019-7-4 15:45:30
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main feature:

Ø Support VGA, CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, SDI any board input;

Ø Support VGA, CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, SDI any board output;

Ø Supports automatic matching of serial ports, which is more convenient and quick;

Ø Support multiple switching modes 1-to-1 full-screen display, one-to-all display, automatic polling switching, automatic switching, and customizable switching time;

Ø supports Chinese and English display,

Ø Support disconnected display status;

Ø Support setting management password; more convenient management;

Ø Support external keyboard control;

Ø The central control keyboard is optional, and the whole system can be controlled by the keyboard;

Ø Support EDID automatic cracking and custom functions;

Ø Support RS-232, infrared (optional), network port (optional) control signal switching function;

Ø Integrated all-aluminum brushed panel, white crystal buttons, blue-ray Chinese and English display LCD screen, beautiful and high-end appearance design;

Ø Controlled by Contrex embedded processor, the running speed is faster and the system is more stable;

Ø Input and output with automatic equalization, effectively reducing deterministic jitter (ISI) caused by line transmission;

Ø Support one-key quick query function, which is convenient to check the switching status of the matrix;

Ø With power-off memory function and power-off site protection, it will automatically restore the state before power-off;

Ø Metal chassis for standard rack mounting.

Ø Adopt international standard wide voltage input power supply, grid voltage fluctuates between 100V-250V, can guarantee stable output, greatly improve the reliability and stability of the system, the maximum power consumption of 16 series is 55W, 32 series The maximum power consumption is 100W.

Ø Full patch SMT process, unique ESD electrostatic protection function;

Ø The digital signal uses a point-to-point lossless transmission method, which effectively guarantees the image integrity.

Ø Telecom-grade core digital switching chip, with super anti-interference and all-weather working ability;

Ø rack installation: standard 3-12U;

Ø Bandwidth: 6..75Gbps Gain: 0dB

&Oslash; Bit clock jitter: <0.15Tbit

&Oslash; Bit rise time: <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

&Oslash; Bit fall time: <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

&Oslash; Maximum transmission delay: 5nS

&Oslash; Switching speed: 200ns (maximum time)

&Oslash; Serial control interface: RS-232, 9-pin male D-type interface, baud rate: 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity; 2 = RX, 3 = TX, 5 = GND

&Oslash; Ethernet control interface: RJ-45 female interface, TCP/IP Server or UDP mode, adaptive 10M or 100M, full duplex;

&Oslash; Mean time between failures: (MTBF) 30,000 hours