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Monitor decoding matrix

TIME:2019-7-4 15:46:48
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The digital decoding matrix is a solution product for decoding on the wall. Its products have the characteristics of very powerful functions and convenient operation and use, and provide a very cheap solution for new digital security.

    The device adopts a 4U standard chassis, supports 1080P high-definition HDMI output, supports 320-channel video decoding on a single machine, and has multi-functional embedded control functions such as decoding, splicing, splitting, roaming picture-in-picture, tour, key/WEB/platform/client, etc. equipment.

feature of product:

Powerful function: powerful decoding function, single machine supports simultaneous decoding of 320 video sources, supports simultaneous decoding of IPC, NVR and other equipment streams; single machine supports splicing, splitting, roaming picture-in-picture output, single screen (single output port) output support 16-screen cutting; support round tour, mode management, mode convenient calling and other functions;

Good compatibility: Compatible with all video sources such as network cameras and network video servers (NVR) under the standard ONVIF protocol, including Hikvision, Dahua, Tianshitong, Starfish, Starnet Ruijie, Dahua, Ruishi, Hikvision, Hengye International, Jiegao, Xingwang, Xiongmai, Tiandiweiye, Anjiyuan, Uniview, nature, Honeywell, Xiangfei, Zhongwei, Samsung, Sony, Zhiteng and other equipment and other factory equipment;

Good scalability: supports secondary development of non-standard decoding, supports expansion access of various interfaces, supports multi-device cascading, and is extremely convenient for capacity expansion;

High performance-to-price ratio: one device realizes the original solution of multiple device system solutions, no splicing controller, any other signal matrix, etc. are needed, and all functions are realized at a very low cost;

High reliability: Embedded system solution, a very high degree of stand-alone integration, stable and reliable system, no blue screen when switching;

Convenient operation: based on cross-platform remote operation, supports browser graphical interface, intuitive software operation, supports standard control protocol to connect to any third-party platform; supports keyboard control.

Convenient construction and maintenance: the system is very simple, with network access, multi-video output to each display screen, no need for complicated wiring and construction; rack-mounted hardware, easy maintenance and repair.

Suitable occasions:

   Large screen display for security monitoring, with splicing and segmentation requirements, suitable for: road traffic, safe smart city monitoring, army, factory, school, bank, shopping mall, large public place, forest fire prevention, intelligent building and other occasions。

【Detailed function】

decoding function

    Support decoding standard H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, MJPEG, manufacturer's private code stream and other encoding formats (provide SDK)

    Support PS, RTP and manufacturer's private encapsulation formats

    Support PAL and NTSC image system

    Support 500W, 300W, 1080P, 720P, SVGA, VGA, 4CIF, DCIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF resolution decoding

    Support G.722, G.711A, G.711U, MPEG2-L2, ACC audio format decoding

    Support to use the URL method to get stream decoding from the encoding device

    Support HDMI high-definition output

    Support ONVIF2.3 and below

    Support the People's Republic of China GB28181 standard (V2.0 version)



Support HDMI1.3 standard output

    Support 1920×1080P, 1920×1080I, 1280×720P, 1280×720I and other formats and custom resolution output

    Output with splicing, splitting and other functions

Network and Control

    A 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet port is standard

    Support TCP, UDP, RTP, MCAST transport protocols

    It can be configured by accessing the decoder through a browser, supporting common browsers such as IE, chrome, and Firefox, supporting HTML5, supporting device patrol and decoding by time period

    Support multiple decoding output modes, and automatically set decoding equipment and output according to needs

    Configuration files can be backed up via the network, remote upgrades, remote restarts, and remote maintenance

    Support keyboard control, platform control, client control

vedio input

input signal

Network video and audio signals, video streams, video files

support equipment

IPC/NVR/streaming media forwarding server/storage server, etc.

input interface

10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network port

video bandwidth

350MHz (-3dB), full load

Ultra-high bandwidth greater than 350MHz





video output

HDMI output


HDMI version

V1.3 Version

support output resolution


1280×720@60/50Hz(720P) etc.


Arbitrary screen splicing


Single screen supports no more than 16 screen divisions, 2×2, 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, 4×4, etc. and custom

output other

Support picture-in-picture, roaming, etc.

decoding ability

The maximum decoding capability of a single machine (the system judges that when the output resolution is less than D1, it will adaptively adopt sub-stream decoding)

40 channels 1080P

Or 80 channels 720P

or 160 Road D1

or 320 CIF


built-in alarm

8 in 4 out alarm, D3.81 access

Extended alarm

Theoretically unlimited number of alarm input and output


1 access

power supply

100-240V/AC    50/60Hz



working temperature

0℃~60℃ non-condensing

storage temperature


Working humidity


storage humidity

0%~90%RH,no condensation

Chassis size

Standard 4U chassis: 483(L)×430(W)×192(H)mm can be installed in a standard cabinet.

product weight

about 9kg


ISTA/NSTA 1A (International Safe Transit Association)


30,000 hours

Connection diagram: