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Cloud Stitching Processor

TIME:2019-7-4 18:29:58
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  A comprehensive splicing processor system with a hybrid architecture that combines the advantages of traditional distributed and centralized processors, with rich access capabilities for applications, media, IP, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, YCrCb, CVBS, etc., and supports massive H.264 ONVIF protocol network camera or mainstream non-standard protocol camera directly decodes and displays, supports seamless connection with streaming media server, NVR, video storage server equipment, and constitutes a complete integrated application display platform and video surveillance management platform. VDesk series processors have strong comprehensive processing capability, core image processing technology, parallel image processing display technology, massive data block transmission technology, video network streaming media playback technology, desktop signal network display technology, desktop application network display technology, 3D scaling technology for sliced images, multi-machine parallel processor technology, etc., the system not only guarantees the number of signal processing, but also guarantees the best image display effect. The system has the characteristics of cloud access and cloud processing, which meets the needs of decentralized and flexible signal access, large-scale splicing and display, and has a real-time desktop that supports high performance. The system supports the splicing of various display terminals such as narrow-edge LCD, DLP, and LED, and can be widely used in command and monitoring fields in various industries such as government, fire protection, public security, energy, transportation, electric power, and the military. It has the ability to adapt to the environment 7*24 hours a day .


【Product Features】


一. Splicing at any scale

It supports ultra-M*N high-resolution desktop unified logical screen, which can be stacked and zoomed at any level and position, spliced at any scale, and all signals can roam across screens. Support large-screen scrolling subtitles, remote editing and access display of duty information.


二、One network cable, seamless access to massive IP signals

The cloud splicing processor is equipped with a 1000Mbps high-speed network interface, which can be directly connected with IP stream monitoring equipment such as full HD network cameras, encoders, NVRs, DVRs, and video platforms that support standard protocols such as H.264 Onvif and rtsp. Code server, unlimited number of signal access. It supports DVIVGAHDMISDIYCrCbCVBS distributed access display, and can also seamlessly connect with mainstream security platforms to integrate multi-brand and multi-platform.�


三、 Cloud Management

The large screen can be operated at any time through a computer, mobile phone, or PAD

All cloud splicing processors can be directly connected to display and control through WEB applications. You only need to log in to IE browser or use the PAD client to access and manage it anytime and anywhere. You can review the image of each signal source on the client in real time, and the visual operation method brings a more comfortable control experience.


四、Easy access to high-speed dynamic desktop network

The computer desktop can be directly connected to the splicing large screen through the network for display. The optimized cloud desktop high-speed capture technology enables the computer desktop to be projected onto the LCD screen in real time, and it can also support the point-to-point perfect display of virtual dynamic ultra-high-resolution desktop images.


五、 Built-in base map to enjoy the charm of high scores

The cloud splicing processor has a built-in storage space for high-score basemaps. Users can choose their favorite backgrounds to realize super-high-score point-to-point display on the splicing screen, and support multiple display forms such as single screen, full screen, and area.


System Specifications




Specification Description

signal output


Stand-alone support below 24, interface DVI/HDMI (cascadable)

screen split


stitching function

Support any roaming of the whole wall of the signal, any zooming/superimposition of the screen

output resolution

800×600@60Hz~1920X1080@60HZ (optional up to 3840X2160@60Hz)

output color depth

Super high score desktop

32 bit


Support 1:1 ultra-high resolution picture and application output with wall resolution (M*N)

signal input


Support network access of various signal formats

Network PC Desktop

Support >8-way PC desktop soft access display (non-video playback)

Multiple application windows

Support a single PC to access 10 non-video application window codes, output 10 IP signal access (optional)

IP decoding

Access to the number of network cameras


decoding ability

Screen adaptive display 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF resolution

Single machine>24 channels 1080P/48 channels 720P/96 channels D1, 192 channels CIF

Support resolution

Support 800W, 500W, 300W, 1080P, 720P, SVGA, VGA, 4CIF, DCIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF resolution decoding

Supported Protocols and Formats

Support ONVIF network protocol, support standard H.264 coding format camera direct decoding display, support mainstream camera private protocol direct decoding, support SDK non-standard access

external interface

Network Interface

RJ45 10M/100M/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet port

audio port

Support audio interface

USB interface



power supply

100-240V,6-8A,50-60Hz(optional redundant power supply)



working tempertaure


working humidity




Support mode definition, mode window opening, less than 1 second


Support plan definition, plan rotation

camera control

Support ONVIF protocol camera control, less than 1 second (optional)

Alarm linkage

Support ONVIF protocol camera alarm linkage (optional)

storage management

Video decoding and display of NVR and other storage devices that support ONVIF protocol (optional)

duty information

Support large-screen duty information to display text, pictures, clocks, etc. (optional)

Multi-system interconnection

Support multi-system control interconnection (optional)


Support monitoring wall synchronous echo (optional)