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LED enterprises start at five points to make the market not slow in the off-season

TIME:2016-7-5 1:23:32  PV:1137

 There is a saying in the lighting industry, "the market in the off-season, the sales in the peak season". Indeed, there is an off-season for sales, but there is never an off-season for marketing, so generally speaking, the considerable sales in the peak season are often made in the off-season. Therefore, attaching importance to and strengthening the market operation in the off-season can lay a solid foundation for the doubling of performance in the peak season. Of course, in the off-season of consumption, terminal demand is not strong, and the enthusiasm of terminal customers is not high. At this time, the difficulty of developing the market can be imagined.

  Recently, the author visited Li Yunlong, the general manager of Top Pearl, and had an in-depth exchange with him on how to operate the brand in the off-season of the industry.

Depart at five o'clock, let the off-season not be short

  Li Yunlong said that today's market competition is no longer the era of big fish eating small fish, but the era of fast fish eating slow fish. Whoever seizes the market opportunity in the off-season will be the winner in the peak season. Many manufacturers and marketing personnel generally adopt the strategy of "quiet braking" in the off-season of sales, that is, to minimize personnel travel to save expenses. The market operation basically relies on natural sales and is in a semi-stagnant "dormant" state. But the Pearl of the Top is doing the opposite. Using reverse thinking, it has made a new strategic adjustment plan for the off-season marketing, actively adjusts and optimizes, takes the initiative to attack, and builds up strength from multiple sources, striving to lay a solid foundation for the peak season marketing.

  1.A special team was dispatched to focus on tracking and maintaining the Xi'an market. The purpose of developing customers in the off-season is not to increase sales, but to enhance brand influence, enhance communication with end customers, seize channel resources, and establish a strong will for strategic cooperation. Of course, the special team's trip to Xi'an also gained unexpected results. In just one month, they opened five specialty stores and reached cooperation intentions with more than 20 bulk cargo customers.

  2.Expand the showroom. In order to meet the market demand, Top Pearl has fully upgraded the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall has a larger area, more categories, more gorgeous decoration and better scene display effect.

  3.Moved to a new factory building. It is reported that the new factory building of Dingshang Mingzhu is located in Henglan, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters. The factory environment is beautiful, the transportation is convenient, and it is adjacent to the accessories production base, which provides a good hardware foundation for the future development and growth of Dingshang Mingzhu chapter.

  4.Conduct personnel training. Taking advantage of the off-season for training is also an effective means to subtly boost market sales. In the peak season, the personnel are often tired of product sales, etc., but in the off-season, they can have a lot of time to use. Therefore, in the off-season, a series of relatively targeted training activities can be organized to give high-quality training to each branch. In charge of "charging and charging", Dingshang Mingzhu conducts systematic training from the selection of raw materials to the management of personnel, which improves the professional level of relevant personnel, makes the quality more standardized, the after-sales response is faster, and the quality of employees is higher.

  5.Recruiting troops. With the deepening of brand expansion, personnel maintenance and follow-up are needed in the off-season. Top Pearl is currently recruiting a large number of business personnel, thereby increasing the expansion of the brand.