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What do you think of the future development direction of LED rental screen under the homogenization of LED market?

TIME:2016-7-5 1:25:49  PV:1153

 In recent years, LED rental screens have developed vigorously, and their application fields have become more and more extensive. Although the "homogenization" phenomenon still exists in the LED market, at the 2016 infocomm exhibition that ended not long ago, we can happily see several domestic mainstream All rental screen manufacturers have come up with some higher-level original products, which have changed the inherent customized product thinking mode of some mid-to-high-end customers. Through the recent 2016 infocomm exhibition, we have seen some new thinking and new trends in the development of LED rental screens, so the reporter interviewed several companies on the future development direction of LED rental screens, and they all have unique views on this.

  Du Honglu, vice president of marketing of Decai Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.: Regarding the future development direction of LED rental screens, it is mainly modular. Now a screen is based on a box, and there are many constraints on customers. The modularity of the future screen may be that the power supply is a module, the cabinet is a module, and the module is a module, so that customers can quickly assemble independently. Modular screens are very fast to maintain. This is the case when leasing them. After they are converted to fixed installations in the future, maintenance is also very fast. So I think modularization and quick maintenance are a trend. Of course, the most basic premise is to ensure the display effect. Second, turning rental screens into fixed installations may also be a trend. The screens purchased by leasing customers are generally more advanced, and the dot pitch will also be at the forefront. After several years of use, there will be a need for upgrading. The original screens are either sold to relatively low-level leasing companies, or sold to fixed installation businesses, such as shopping malls and hotels.

  Lei Yu, Deputy General Manager of Chip Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.: The future development direction of rental screens should be in two points: I always think that the operation of home appliances is the key point, and anyone should be able to operate it, without the need for professional and technical personnel. Home appliance maintenance, if any part is broken, freedom is even worse. Chiplight's current "net series" can do both.

  Hu Hongqing, general manager of Xiamen Shicheng Technology Co., Ltd.: I personally think that there are two development directions. One is to focus on the development direction of its own industrial application, and to develop different products corresponding to various applications; the other is to combine other display devices and display technologies to make a fusion application. The rental market is divided into different fields, and there are various application requirements with different characteristics according to different fields. Some enterprises will develop and apply products according to different characteristic requirements. Since there are more and more integrated applications for leasing, this aspect will also catalyze the development of more display applications.

  Zhang Xiongtao, Marketing Director of Beijing Colorlight Technology Co., Ltd.: I personally think that for the future of rental screens, on the one hand, with the popularization of display screens, display screens or optional screens will become standard equipment in more and more occasions. The demand will naturally increase; on the other hand, with the development of segmented fields, especially the high-end rental market, more creative use needs will be continuously discovered and met, and more professional rental screens will continue to develop; the third , with the diversification of business models, I believe that there will be more business models suitable for rental screens, which will further promote the development of the rental industry.

  Ouyang Xiaobo, General Manager of the RGB Device Division of Nationstar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.: Rental LED displays are often used in stage rentals, singing and dancing parties, large-scale auto shows, various press conferences, etc., and they need to be disassembled frequently. Therefore, the rental cabinet is light and thin, convenient to transport, easy to maintain, and can be quickly installed and disassembled, which is a major trend in the development of rental screens. In addition, standardization is also an important development direction of rental screens in the future. At present, due to the lack of a more standardized standard, the specifications of LED rental screens are different, and the different dimensions, installation hole positions, etc. seriously affect the normal use of the display screen. As a leading enterprise in LED packaging, Nationstar Optoelectronics is using its own influence to create favorable conditions for the standardization of LED devices in response to the development trend of rental screens and meet the needs of the rental market.

  Xiang Jianyong, deputy general manager of Lianjian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.: Regarding the development direction of LED rental screens in the future, I think we should mainly look at the following two aspects: First, in terms of technology, in addition to the lightness, ease of use, and In addition to the basic features of fast, flexible, durable, and beautiful, with the decline in LED costs and the continuous upgrading of market demand, future rental screens will develop towards smaller pixel pitches. When the pitch becomes smaller, manufacturers need better To effectively solve technical problems such as durability, protection, and grayscale technology improvement under a wide range of brightness. Second, in terms of the market, as the leasing market continues to mature, market segmentation will become more refined. Each enterprise should divide the market into several different types of consumer groups according to the different characteristics of user needs, and launch diversified products to meet the various needs of a certain market segment. LianTronics has different designs and solutions for conferences, sports, and exhibitions.

  Lu Yantao, Marketing Manager of Ralink Display Technology Co., Ltd.: For the high-end rental market, the technological content of LED rental screens will become higher and higher, the software operation will be more intelligent, and the structural design will be more humanized, creating more added value for customers. In short, manufacturers can't just focus on the display screen itself, but need to deeply understand the application mode of customer scenarios. The deeper the understanding, the better the product can meet the actual and potential needs of customers.

  To sum up, we can know that the development direction of LED rental screens will always break through its limitations, and change and develop towards market demand and technological progress. It will become more convenient, smarter, and the added value will be higher and higher. All LED rental screen companies should abandon the inherent thinking mode, continue to innovate, and jointly promote the development of the LED rental screen industry.