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1.8mm patchwork, LG opens the era of micro-patterning

TIME:2016-9-27 14:58:54  PV:1287

In October 2015, LG Electronics fully launched the world's narrowest 1.8mm 55-inch LCD splicing screen. The launch of this LCD splicing screen will solve the biggest problem faced by today's splicing wall users. It is the first video wall with a seam of only 1/16 The wall perfectly presents the visual experience of "zero" patchwork.

LG 55-inch 1.8mm LCD splicing screen Features: Model: 55VH7B, IPS screen technology, pure HD resolution 1920*1080, brightness up to 700cd/㎡, viewing angle 178°/178°, frame 0.9mm, extremely thin thickness design 87mm, rich interface types HDMI/DVI/RGB/IR, Daisy-chain IDP, RS232C, RJ451.

With its almost borderless design, VH7B brings you the most stunning visual art of stitching. Quad-core SoC supports multiple video playback without additional media player. VH7B effectively enhances customer awareness, especially in places with high traffic, such as museums, galleries and large retail malls.

Its characteristics are reflected in the:

一、borderless design

0.9mm equal frame panel*, almost borderless design, makes the splicing effect extremely shocking, bringing the audience an extraordinary viewing experience.

*Refers to the part of the LCD panel that does not emit light

、excellent picture quality

1,Clear viewing angle: VH7B can ensure the clear picture of the video wall (more than 4 units), which is beneficial to large-scale video walls installed in large places. 2. Uniform brightness: LG LED backlight technology ensures a high degree of uniform brightness of the screen, thereby ensuring a clear picture. Partial parts of the screen of other displays will appear darker, while VH7B presents high visibility and can maintain the uniformity of continuous brightness of the entire video wall. 3. Image misalignment correction: VH7B provides an image improvement algorithm to adjust the image located at the border of the frame, so as to achieve a seamless visual experience. 4. Shine Out filter: WH7B is very suitable for window display, because the Shine Out filter can reflect light, improve visibility, and the image is clearer than ordinary monitors.

    Left: When moving the angle of view 45° from the center of the angle of view, the brightness of the screen becomes 50%.

  Right: Uniform Brightness

Image misalignment correction Shine-Out filter

三、Advanced Content Management

1,LAN daisy chain: Control commands can be distributed via LAN daisy chain to form a daisy chain network to execute commands such as control, monitoring and firmware upgrade.

四、flexible accessories

1,Guide Bracket/Sorting Interface: The guide bracket is an accessory used to control the flatness of the wall. Classified input and output connectors effectively prevent daisy chaining errors. 2. Control buttons: With 8 buttons, you can easily control various functions, such as controlling OSD {On Screen Display} and changing input sources.

、Dimensional drawing/interface drawing (unit: mm)

As a professional LCD splicing manufacturer, we will exhibit this latest LCD splicing product at that time, let us wait and see.