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"How the black edge of the LCD splicing screen was overcome" The second upgrade of the seamless splicing screen

TIME:2018-7-29 15:47:05  PV:1169

The production process of LCD screen is encapsulation technology: liquid crystal display molecules are poured between two pieces of glass, and then the frame sealing design is carried out. This border is what we call the black border, and everyone has underestimated the border. Not only are the components that must be kept in the production of LCD screens, but there are also small circuits on the frame. If there is no circuit, the liquid crystal molecules cannot be controlled. Therefore, as long as the technology of the LCD screen does not get a huge breakthrough, the design of the frame will always exist. However, 6 years have passed, and the LCD panel seams on the market have been getting smaller and smaller, from the previous 6.3mm seam to the current 1.7mm, but it still cannot break through the shackles of no border, no black border, and seamless display. .

"How the black edge of the LCD splicing screen was overcome" The second upgrade of the seamless splicing screen

Shopping malls are like battlefields. If everyone is doing the same thing, the profit may be reasonable in the first few years, but after three to five years, many people will follow suit and start doing it. One day, you will find that everyone is making LCD splicing screens . At this time, manufacturers and dealers have sprung up in large areas like mushrooms after rain. The cake is that big, the more people there are, the less points there will be. The product of LCD splicing screen is not so complicated, the core period is the LCD panel. LCD panels are divided into imported panels and domestic panels. Imported panels include South Korea's Samsung and South Korea's LG, and domestic panels are BOE. All the panels used by LCD splicing screen manufacturers are from their hands. In this context, after being familiar with the industry for a long time, everyone's product specifications and quality are almost the same, and the price and service are naturally what can be competed. The relationship between price and service is very complicated and generally proportional. As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. No businessman will do business at a loss. If the price is sacrificed to negotiate a business, the service behind it must be average. After all, the service will also cause financial, material and human resources, and these must be operated with sufficient costs.

Today we will focus on "how the black border of the LCD splicing screen is overcome". I have said above that it is almost impossible for the LCD screen to break through its own technology, so it can only be solved through the assistance of third-party technology. In July 2016, Weikang Vision just launched the industry's first "0mm seamless splicing screen", which uses the optical seamless technology of LCD splicing screen. Its technical principle is very simple: by covering the surface of the LCD splicing screen with a layer of special optical glass, the four sides of the glass are beveled (the glass becomes a triangle after splicing), and then through the principle of light refraction, only 0.1 The mm black edge gap can be hidden and weakened at a certain angle, and the blind spot caused by light refraction is used to avoid the patchwork.

Using this seamless patented technology, Weikang Vision’s profit in 2017 increased by 70% on the basis of 2016. At present, the second-generation optical seamless splicing screen has been upgraded, mainly to improve the appearance of the optical glass, because the first-generation optical glass is convex, which will cause serious reflections on the large screen, and the gaps around the splicing screen are not rigorous. In case of static electricity, it will attract dust.

In order to avoid the above situation, our Weikang technical team made the optical glass into a horizontal plane design after 5 months of experiments. The display effect can be seen in the figure below:

You can see this 3*3 optical seamless splicing screen, the effect is not bad, and the 0.1mm black border can be hidden sometimes to achieve a seamless display effect. However, the 0.1mm gap will appear in the case of color, brightness, viewing angle, etc.

The market feedback told us whether it is possible to make a truly seamless splicing screen? We speak with strength. In June 2017, Weikang launched another seamless splicing product - electronic seamless splicing screen.

The principle of the electronic seamless splicing screen is to cover the original seam with LED light-emitting devices (see the picture below for the object), which looks like an LED light bar with lamp beads and circuits inside. Did we not say before that there is a circuit on the frame of the LCD splicing screen? Electronic seamless LED is the operation of the analog circuit, directly replacing the frame. And the pixels on the LED light strip are smaller than P1.5mm, which can display color images, but the pixel consistency with the LCD screen can only be 95%, so the original patchwork position will be a little bright after lighting whitish. But the black border is indeed 100% disappeared, please remember that it is disappearing, not hiding and weakening. Disappeared means that 0mm seamless display can be achieved.