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Big screen era - splicing screen

TIME:2020-12-9 17:09:58  PV:546

LCD splicing screens and LCD TVs are both used to display image signals, but the performance and structure of the two are completely different. First of all, the panel of the LCD TV is different from the panel of the LCD splicing screen. The panel used for LCD splicing has higher technical parameters than the panel of the LCD TV. The LCD splicing screen made of LCD TV panels is obviously different when playing high-brightness pictures, and the colors and levels are obviously distorted under high-brightness pictures. In addition, the LCD splicing screen adopts parallel high-speed graphics processing technology, which realizes the unified processing of multiple high-speed video signals, fundamentally replaces the plug-in splicing controller, and solves the problem that the number of VGA signal inputs is limited. It integrates the most outstanding high-definition, high-brightness and high-color gamut liquid crystal display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, etc., to form a high-brightness, high-definition , low power consumption, long life, advanced LCD splicing curtain wall display system.

  Reasons behind the surge

  1.National informatization and intelligent construction continue to help flat-panel splicing. After nearly ten years of development, it has become a strategic market that enterprises pay close attention to. With the continuous construction of large-scale infrastructure oriented by the government, smart cities, safe cities, the Belt and Road, etc. The key construction and great investment in aspects,as well as the deep integration with the development of big data, have fully stimulated the development of industries such as video surveillance, command and dispatch, and information release, and brought new growth demands to LCD splicing.


 2.Demands continue to diversify Commercial display user groups are inherently dispersed. With the advancement of social informatization, demands continue to diversify, application segments continue to upgrade, and demands for smart security, smart retail, and smart catering continue to emerge. Flat-panel splicing devices are gradually Covering every life scene, user product awareness continues to increase.

 3.Channels began to move down. With the continuous penetration of tablet splicing into the third and fourth tier markets, the number of small projects in the market began to increase, the activity of enterprises increased, and the participation of market brands increased again. Especially small and medium brands. The town is deep, and its huge market potential is immeasurable.

 4.The recovery of the energy industry is beginning to emerge. At present, the informatization construction of China's energy companies is in its infancy, and there is an obvious rigid demand for large-screen splicing display systems. On the one hand, with the help of overcapacity reduction and the continuous advancement of structural adjustment, the demand for coal has been in short supply in the short term, the price has risen, and the profits of coal companies have also increased. The splicing of orders in the first quarter was obvious; With the introduction of governance policies one after another and the superimposed effect of PPP projects, the demand for large-screen splicing in the sewage supervision center is booming, and orders are coming out frequently.