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LG BOE 46 49 55 inch ultra-narrow edge seamless LCD splicing screen TV wall LED large screen

with the acceleration of the urban process and the sudden increase in population, commercial lcd splicing screens are widely favored as the best terminal display equipment due to their advantages such...

LCD splicing screen installation skills and steps

introduction  the installation of the lcd splicing screen is not like ordinary display equipment, it is simply installed and installed. the installation of the lcd splicing screen not only needs to ch...

How to solve the problem of LCD advertising machine?

lcd advertising machine is currently a new platform for advertising communication. its fields include transportation hubs, shopping malls, museums, banks and many other public places. the service life...

One article get the skills to identify high-quality LED displays

these days, everything has to be graded  even the led display can't hide......  with the continuous development of the industry, the breakthrough of technology, and the vigorous promotion of app...

How to clean the outdoor LED display?

the led display screen needs to be cleaned before and after installation. this is a very important link, which can prevent the led display from being unclear, mosaic, and color cast when the screen is...

LED full-color display integrates the market, and new advertising media becomes a development highlight

led merger and integration is a sign of the industry's continuous maturity. with the market's test of product quality and price, the market has undergone some cleaning before it can truly deve...

Do a good job of insulation protection measures for the display screen, waterproof devices are very important

electronic products are the product of technological progress. as one of the most widely used products in the market, led electronic display products have a particularly important safety performance....

LED screen intelligence or become a development trend

as the latest generation of display devices, full-color led electronic displays have gradually entered a period of fierce competition and mature markets after years of development. the birth of smart...

The new direction of cooperation between media and full-color display screens

since the 2008 olympic games, large-scale outdoor screens have been widely used in various fields. the display screen has entered the streets and alleys with perfect display methods such as flow, high...

Brightness Identification of LED Electronic Display

the large-scale application of led display screens in the outdoors, the display screens enrich people's night life, promote urban culture, and let the cultural atmosphere overflow the streets and...
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