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advertising machine stand-alone display touch screen intelligent stand-alone inquiry machine multimedia self-service terminal machine

advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment, through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitute a complete advertising...

LED transparent screen waterproof glass curtain wall film screen grille full color led screen

in recent years, more and more businesses have chosen led transparent screens to decorate glass windows, building curtain walls, large shopping malls, experience exhibition halls and other places. in...

Teaching, conference multi-functional multimedia intelligent whiteboard conference touch all-in-one machine

conference all-in-one machine, also called "smart conference tablet" and "conference touch all-in-one machine", is a new generation of intelligent conference equipment. the confere...

LCD splicing screen 46/49/55/65 seamless TV wall splicing screen conference large screen

at present, the best quality lcd splicing screens on the market include samsung splicing screens, lg lcd splicing screens, lcd splicing screens, lcd splicing screens, lcd splicing screens, high bright...

Customized high-definition touch glass transparent shoe store shoe rack display rack paint bag cabinet cosmetic display cabinet

the transparent screen display cabinet is a new display method based on the transparent display screen. the interactive display of the transparent screen not only allows customers to see the relevant...

Customized 43/46/49/55 inch high-definition LCD splicing screen seamless TV wall meeting room large screen

the splicing screen is a complete lcd splicing display unit, which can be used as a display alone, or it can be used as a super-large screen by splicing liquid crystals. according to different usage r...

Full-color LED electronic display large-screen meeting room HD display

nowadays, led large screens are becoming more and more popular, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. outdoor led large screens are one of the most popular outdoor advertisements. w...

LG 43/46/49/55 inch high-definition LCD splicing screen seamless TV wall conference room large screen

lg plasma splicing screen is a display panel specially designed for large-screen splicing by lg display, a subsidiary of lg electronics in south korea. it is used in multimedia conferences, public inf...

BOE splicing screen conference room seamless monitoring room TV wall splicing large screen

the screens that can be spliced one by one to form a whole large screen are called splicing screens.according to the different light source, the splicing screen is divided into: dlp splicing screen, l...

Vertical advertising machine display touch screen multimedia electronic intelligent touch query all-in-one machine

as the technology of the liquid crystal display industry becomes more and more mature and the market is getting bigger and bigger, all kinds of liquid crystal display screens conform to market demand...
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