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LED lighting sales must have the spirit of

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1、Strong sense of time

  Mahjong players don’t like to be late, who dares to be late if there are three shortages? Mahjong players never leave early. When everyone is in high spirits, whoever leaves first will be labeled as a disappointment, and may not come back next time is you. In addition, people in the game are always urging others to play cards, and even go to the bathroom in a hurry. Waste of time is simply a crime that is most vividly expressed here.


  Do you always like to find some excuses when you are late, such as traffic jam or other reasons, the more you explain, the more annoying the customers will be. Please remember that there is no reason to be late, once you apologize for being late, please enter the working state immediately, and use hard work to make customers forget their discomfort.

2、Strong ability to adapt to the environment

  People who play mahjong are never picky about the environment and conditions. No matter how cold or hot the environment is, they can overcome it. It doesn’t matter if there is no air conditioner in the sky. Will make unremitting efforts. If there are conditions, we must fight. If there are no conditions, we must create conditions.


  Sales is a hard job, and there will be various problems in the work. The salesperson should treat all these problems correctly, and actively try to solve them after encountering problems. Don’t always complain about the bad environment and how others are doing. not good。

3、Fighting spirit

  Everyone who played mahjong was full of energy and high morale, as if they didn't know what fatigue was. They "battled" continuously for several hours or even more than ten hours, and no one complained of suffering or being tired.


  At work, if people with poor performance also have the spirit of not being afraid of hard work, you will still worry about poor performance? Will you still worry that the boss will not give you a raise? Will you not be promoted?

4、focus on your work

  People who play mahjong know that they must not answer the phone at critical moments, because once they answer the phone, their state will be seriously affected, and in the end they will not be able to achieve the effect of winning the game, so people who play mahjong usually will Very focused.


  Concentration can bring "blessed flow" and experience the joy of selflessness. can you get into this working state?

5、Don't shirk mistakes, be good at empathy

  People who play mahjong have one characteristic: to keep an eye on the opponent, watch the upper player, and control the lower player. It's actually a kind of empathy about what cards they need and what they're thinking. In addition, people who play mahjong will not complain about others, but will blame themselves for playing the wrong cards, not calculating clearly, etc., and will only find reasons on themselves。


  In the sales process, we need to be more proactive about the needs of customers and learn to think differently. At the same time, when we encounter some problems and mistakes in our work, how should we deal with them? It is to actively seek from the root of the problem. The reason for the mistake? Reflect on yourself? Or find all kinds of excuses to shirk to the superiors and subordinates? Or even find some reasons that are not reasons at all?

6、open to suggestions from others

  Mahjong players are very willing to listen to the suggestions of the spectators in order to adjust their strategies and methods, in order to win the final victory, regardless of whether they are defeated or powerful.。


  When we lose our sense of direction at work, sometimes we really can't listen to other people's opinions, and even dislike other people's opinions, and even doubt their motives, but we may suddenly realize the value of other people's opinions until one day. I'm afraid it's too late.

7、unyielding spirit

  People who play mahjong know that even if it is the last hand, there is still a chance, and they will never give up. As long as they are still on the table, there is still hope. Do you agree? Gamblers say before leaving: Come back at night! Come back tomorrow! Or next time come again!


  The word "failure" is not in the sales dictionary.

8、Good at summarizing and summarizing experience

  Every time after playing mahjong, I always count and count the gains and losses of this time, how many oceans have been out, how many oceans have been recovered, which cards have been played wrong, and which key strategies have been miscalculated.


 After a day's work is over, shouldn't you also summarize the gains and losses of the day, how to improve in the follow-up work, and prevent the same problem from appearing again?